About Eaton Income Solutions

This site is dedicated to exploring what it means to be a family’s trusted financial advisor. Investments can be confusing and everyone’s financial circumstance is different. To find the right solutions to help people achieve their financial goals requires an up front comprehensive approach based on integrity and honesty. As an advocate for his clients, David Rathgeb focuses on building client relationships that are based on trust and a mutual understanding on how families can meet their objectives.

The president of Eaton Income Solutions, David E. Rathgeb CFP®, CMFC, has excelled in the financial services industry since 2001. A resident of Berks County since 1998, he is a member and Past President of the Amity Township Lions Club , a current board member of the Daniel Boone Area School District and Berks County Intermediate Unit, and former member of the Amity Township Park and Recreation Board. Married with two children, Dave spends most of his time with family and friends, and supporting his community. When time permits, he enjoys reading, gardening and cooking. A Third Degree Black Belt, Dave also continues to pursue his training in tae kwon do.


Resource Protection

In safeguarding resources, our goal is simple. We work hard to build and protect your family’s wealth. Even with the best financial plan to grow your assets and achieve your goals, neglecting to prepare for the unexpected could put your future finances in jeopardy.

Investment Options

Maintaining retirement income becomes more of a challenge every year. The good news is that we are living longer lives than ever before. A little research will lead you to stories of upcoming medical breakthroughs possible in the next two decades that may send average life expectancy north of 100...

Shared Prosperity

Eaton Income Solutions offers two ways to manage wealth for its valued customers. Either may be right for your unique situation, but we believe there are real advantages to a managed-plan approach. Option 1: Commission Structure A commission structure is a traditional arrangement for buying...

Personal Retirement Strategies

Risks abound for today’s retiree. To name only a few: high healthcare costs, low interest on fixed income investments, the possibility of outliving your money, and increasing longterm elder care costs are a few.